Apply for direct entry into the National final

You are only required to pay the entry fee if you are chosen to take
part in the National Final.
The judges will look at your photos and if you are successful then you
will be offered a place in the National Final.
All National Finalists win a fabulous fashion studio portfolio shoot
worth £500 and all 100 + images are free of charge.
National Finalists also get all the Official professional photos from
the event free of charge.

You also get to take part in the amazing final.
If you are selected to take part in the National final there is an entry
fee of £250 to confirm your place.
This can be paid either by you & your family or by a sponsor or
The entry fee can be split into 2 payments, and once you are confirmed
in the final and paid the first payment, we will order your official
sash and T shirt.
We can also supply you with personalised Official sponsorship pack,
press release kit and a personalised announcement graphic to post on
social media.

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